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Introducing ToteBrix: The Ultimate Bag for Your Active Lifestyle

May 17 2024 – Kitbrix Smyth

Introducing ToteBrix: The Ultimate Bag for Your Active Lifestyle
Introducing ToteBrix: The Ultimate Bag for Your Active Lifestyle

Are you prepared to add a bag that perfectly combines versatility, style, and durability to your daily life? Look no further than KitBrix's latest innovation, the ToteBrix, which was created in collaboration with renowned athlete Paula Radcliffe.

ToteBrix is not just ordinary tote bag; it's a carry-all designed to meet the demands of your active lifestyle. Whether you're heading from home or office to the gym, running events, swimming clubs, going to the beach, playing wet sports, or camping, perhaps having a picnic whilst on a weekend adventure, ToteBrix waterproof base has you covered. Choose your bag according to your needs: the country green and beige combination (already referred to as Landrover),  The Aqua Bag, with grey and blue stripes, or for now our best-selling bright orange and teal Sighting and safety bags for swimmers.

ToteBrix is the ultimate accessory because of the following:

Sustainable Construction: The ToteBrix bag body is made entirely of recycled fabric; it has been designed to be surprisingly lightweight but also environmentally beneficial. Its’ water-resistant design ensures that your belongings stay safe, protected, and dry, no matter the weather.

Space-Saving Design: ToteBrix is designed to be folded flat and compact, making it easy to store or use as your ever-reliable travel overflow bag, saving you hassle when you travel or when not in use. Say goodbye to bulky bags taking up precious space. ToteBrix can be neatly folded flat, kept in a car for any time you need, helping you avoid the need for plastic bags, available when required, and stored wherever you need it.

It’s all about the base! KitBrix whole bag range rests on it’s unique, functionally moulded waterproof base. Like no other, we have created this outstanding feature to benefit everyone and anyone who wants the ease of knowing they can put their bag down anytime. The perfect weekender, this bag or every day bag, you and your bag can rest easily placed on any surface, whatever the weather. The hard wearing bag base looks as good as new time after time, and should you cover the bag base in mud, grit, gravel, or dirt, just spray or wipe it clean. It will be as good as new each time, much to the envy of parents juggling gear on the sidelines, at the pitch, or in the car park, ready for a hike.

Organized Interior: With an easy, fast, convenient-access inner zipper pocket, ToteBrix keeps your essentials, such as your mobile phone, keys, and valuables – within reach at all times. The large internal capacity and zip closure ensure efficient packing and organization for your daily adventures. We have even added a small loop with hook onto which you can place your key ring in the safest assurance that your keys stay in place. (Little features make the difference; should you be at the beach, secure your gear.)

Versatile Functionality: ToteBrix features an outer pocket perfect for your laptop or as a sleeve for sliding over your suitcase handle. This dual functionality allows you to carry it as a shoulder bag, (where the straps have been cleverly padded to reduce discomfort) or effortlessly attach the tote bag to your luggage, freeing up your hands for other tasks.

Built to Last: ToteBrix intuitive design provides you with a go-to everyday convenient solution with our modular BaseBrix bottom to prevent any soggy bottoms. Whether you're on wet grass, tough terrain, or a bustling city street, ToteBrix helps save time, ready to accompany you wherever your journey takes you. Click to check the no soggy bottom ToteBrix  

Experience the versatility, durability, and style of ToteBrix, the ultimate bag for your active lifestyle. Say hello to a new era of everyday carry and embrace the freedom to live life on your terms with ToteBrix by your side.

Get your ToteBrix today and embark on your next adventure in style! Shop now!