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KitBrix Ambassadors

James Stangle

41 years old from Chillicothe, Ohio. Captain of MIT OCR and newly formed MIT OCR Pro Team. Married with 5 beautiful daughters. Occupation: Respiratory Therapist at Ohio State University Medical Center. Started running Obstacle course races in 2013. Qualified and competed in the very first OCR World Championships in 2014. Following the 2014 OCRWC, was asked by founder of the Swedish team to become the captain and to develop the United States team. The team has since grown into a competitive group of like-minded athletes with 250+ members in 22 states.

Favorite OCR series: Savage Race.

Hobbies besides OCR include traveling, trail running, and poker.

Fun facts: Broke my femur in 2013 following my first OCR event in a motocross accident. It took me 6 months to learn to walk on my own again and OCR was the driving force for pushing to not only walk but get back to an even high level than I have ever been in my life.

On 11/10/2019 I became the only person to complete every single Savage Race in a season. 27 races total.

Chrissy McFarland

27 year old from South Salem Ohio. A member of the MIT OCR team since 2015, an ambassador for Salming Running, and Legendborne Sportswear.

I am married for 3 years been been together for 7 years. My husband and I own our own business in graphic design that we started in 2012. Started running Obstacle course races in 2015 but didn't really understand the sport until 2017 and in 2018 I started to train and diet to see where I can go in the sport.

2018 was my year of growth in racing pro waves, I grabbed a few 3rd places in Savage race and placed 3rd in my age group at OCRWCS in London for the 15k. In 2019 my worst finish in regular season was a 4th at Savage Florida, but since then I have been able to land an overall female podium at every Savage race and managed to grab 6 overall wins! I competed in NORAM ran the pro wave in 3k and 15k and placed in the top 10 in both those races.

Favorite OCR series: Savage Race.

Hobbies, running, riding my dirt bike, picking up a game of basketball, hiking, mountain running, traveling, and taking my dogs on walks!

Charlotte Curtis

34, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

Occupation: Personal Trainer/Coach/Yoga instructor

Four years ago an ex boyfriend suggested I try a Spartan Race because "I’d probably do really well and love them”. At the time I never ran, maybe one 5k a year for fun and had never heard of OCR. Charlotte 2015 Super and Sprint weekend were my first two races. I came in 7th and received my first Coin to Tahoe. I loved it and went out the next day with a vengeance. I won the second OCR I ever did and I was hooked from then on! I came in 20th in the country my first season.

The next two years I was off and on racing, went through a few moves and job changes but continued to foster my love of racing. I started run training and coaching others and went into 2019 with a renewed love for the sport. I joined MIT early in the year and have loved the camaraderie.

Jamie Stiles

35 years old from New Port Richey Florida. I’m a member of MIT OCR Pro Team and coached by Runfluent! Currently I am engaged and expecting my first baby, a girl due in March 2020!

Occupation: Certified Veterinary Technician (my dream job since I was a kid)

I’ve always loved fitness and working out, and began competing in figure competitions in 2010. I lost interest in it due to the subjective nature of the sport and craved a challenge that didn’t focus on looks and instead focused on performance. In 2013 I discovered OCR where I could compete outside by racing through trails and play on obstacles! Basically like being a kid again!

Favorite OCR series: Savage Race (my first OCR!)

Hobbies besides OCR include CrossFit, trail running and spending time with my fur babies.

Fun facts: I have a love of tattoos and would guess I have about 40% of my body covered- eventually I want to be completely tattooed! (With the exception of my face and stomach- for now!)

Matthew Mullens

39 years old from Birmingham Alabama, currently stationed in Florence, KY. Married for 20 years with 3 kids. Occupation: Almost 21 years serving in the US Navy and coach/owner of Get Some Motivation. Started obstacle course racing in 2012. Ran Worlds Toughest Mudder in 2013 and as result, qualified for the first OCRWC which was his first truly competitive attempt at racing. Joined MIT OCR the next year which has led to many races and traveling and he’s honored to represent the team. Other hobbies include motivating others, lifting, spending time with family, and watching college football (Roll Tide!).

Chris Stansel

I am 32 years old from St. Petersburg, Florida. I was a pre-mature baby with a severe clubbed foot & my parents were told that I would have to undergo treatment to correct my leg after my incubation period. Needless to say I was not born to be a runner. I spent the first year of my life with a weekly serial casting over my leg, which made crawling impossible. My “special” shoe and brace had followed me until I was 3 years old and by this time my right leg was nearly half the size of my left. Growing up my mom never held me back or told me that I couldn’t do something athletic even though I had 2 different size feet. I started running my freshmen year of high school for cross-country and simply fell in love with the sport. Since those early years of track & CC I have competed in several hundred races ranging in distance from 5k to 100 miles in multiple countries.

Savage over Spartan (Completion over Burpees) for me.

My hobbies include taking my jeep out, my Australian Shepard Murphy, hanging with my 3 nephews on the farm, trail/ultra-running, & rock climbing (Indoor/outdoor).

Fun Fact: I speak Vietnamese conversationally.

Stephen Wilk

29 Years Old living in Ruskin, FL. Personal Trainer. Married to Hannah Wilk who I met at the spring Savage Race 2017 in Dade City Florida after the race. We recently had our Daughter Nova Avri Wilk this past May.

I started racing in 2015 with Savage Race in the Fall. Getting 50th overall. After that the OCR bug got me and I have ran 60+ races since. My Favorite race is definitely Savage for many reasons but I'll race any series and love the variety.

My hobbies outside of OCR include spending time with my Family, Kayaking, Hiking, and spending time at different parks, zoo's, ect.. basically I love being outdoors!

Matthew Bowen

Matthew Bowen is a married father of 4. He has been married to his wife, Angie, since 2007. His kids are ages 21, 20, 11 and 6. He has been a successful Medical Device Sales representative since 2006. Matt started competing in Spartan races in 2012 and completed over 20 of those races, including 3 Trifectas. Then he transitioned to local Triathlons in 2014 and his passion grew from there. In that time he has completed 12 HIM and 1 Full, as well as a number of local Sprint and Olympics. He also completed Escape From Alcatraz in 2019. He is super excited to be a member of the KitBrix team and cannot wait to show them off and put them to the test.

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