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The Ultimate Cycling Backpack and Cycling Kit Bag

June 18 2020 – Team KitBrix

best cycling bag
best cycling bag

With the recent surge in popularity of cycling, many of you have been in search of the perfect cycling kit bag to store your cycling gear in or a lightweight packable rucksack that you can take with you on your bike. The answer? KitBrix. KitBrix is the best cycling bag as it can be used both as storage with its sturdy stand-alone design, as a gym style bag with a shoulder strap that can be easily transported AND a lightweight packable rucksack that you can cycle with, all in one!

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, many of us have turned to cycling as a way of blowing off steam, getting our blood pumping and safely getting out of the house. With the periodic closure of gyms, beauty spots and fitness centres, most of our usual fitness activities were no longer available for us to keep mentally and physically fit. Cycling has provided a safe activity that allows you to exercise whilst still maintaining social distance and limited physical contact. Cycling allows you to explore your beautiful surroundings, feel the breeze running through your hair and experience a taste of freedom. No wonder we are all digging out our old bikes or picking it up as a new hobby! 

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cycling kit bag

The Best Cycling Bag

So what makes the KitBrix the best cycling bag and the best lightweight packable rucksack?

  • Unique zipping system: One of the most unique features of the KitBrix cycling bag is its zipping system. Each KitBrix bag can be zipped together, providing you with a completely customizable cycling kit bag. Whether you just want a small cycling bag to take to the gym or a multi-compartment bag for a triathlon race, the KitBrix has you covered. 
  • Convertible straps: The convertible strap feature of the KitBrix means your cycling shoulder bag can be converted into a lightweight packable rucksack in a few snaps, perfect for wearing whilst on your bike. 
  • Durable base: We know that when it comes to cycling and training activities, things can get pretty muddy! That is why each KitBrix bag is designed with a hard, lightweight and durable base so wherever you go, your bag can go to. Whether you find yourself on wet sandy beaches, rocky mountain trails or the floor of a damp gym, your KitBrix is a cycling kit bag that will keep your gear clean and dry.  
  • Waterproof and washable: Another feature that makes the KitBrix the best cycling bag is it is completely waterproof and washable. Just as you get muddy cycling through country trails and along damp roads, your kit does too! To help you keep your cycling bag clean and ready for the next round, your cycling kit bag can be wiped down with a damp cloth or hosed out. You will be ready for your next adventure at a moment's notice!  
  • Personalised insert: If you are looking to use your KitBrix cycling kit bag at future triathlons, cycling races, at the gym or simply as a place to store your cycling kit, the KitBrix has you covered for that too. Each bag comes with a personalised insert so that you can include your name, contact information, team details or simply a kit checklist. This will help you identify your KitBrix bag amongst others, and most importantly stay organised… so you can focus on the fun bit, cycling!

cycling kit bag

Where is the next adventure you will be taking your KitBrix cycling bag?