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Top Tips for Cycling to Work

May 24 2021 – Team KitBrix

Top Tips for Cycling to Work
Top Tips for Cycling to Work

Now we’re approaching our return to the office with Summer right around the corner, you’re probably planning your commute or your route to get there promptly and safely - and we’re pretty sure you don’t want to be crammed onto a hot, sweaty bus! With the gyms and sports team training back on the cards too, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’re back to your post work workout routine. 

Government guidelines suggest finding alternative routes of travel to work unless public transport is completely necessary, so now's as good a time as any to get that bike out and cycle to work.

Benefits of Cycling to Work 

Besides being one step closer to reducing your carbon footprint, cycling to work will add some great additional benefits to your commute...

Boosted Energy

If there's one thing we need in the morning, it’s a boost of energy. If your coffee’s not hitting right, definitely consider a cycle to work as a perfect way of getting some fresh air, and get that adrenaline pumping.

Improved Cario-vascular fitness 

Any activity that will sustain your physical health is going to be beneficial. Staying active will keep you fitter and more abled in the long run.

Improved Coordination

Cycling can lead to feet to leg, hand to feet and body to eye coordination. 

Money Saving 

No fuel required, no congestion charge or road tax, no parking fees. Happy days!

Tips for Cycling to Work

Choose the right bike

Find a bike you can rely on. Make sure it’s in good condition, it’s all in working order, and it’s the right height for you for maximum comfort. Cycling to work everyday means you’ll need a bike you can ride through all weather types.

Bike Safety

Lock your bike up! Your workplace might not have sufficient bike storage for you, but that’s ok. Get yourself a good lock to keep it safe while you’re grinding away.

Check your lights

You might be out for the entire day, so when night time creeps around, you’ll need some lights to guide the way and keep you seen by traffic. 

Ride with confidence

Know your route, or ride with a map on your phone secured to your handle bar. Remember you’re not the only one on the roads - make sure you stay vigilant and understand the ways of the roads. 

What is the Best Cycling Backpack?

Another hot tip for cycling to work is to choose your luggage wisely! Luckily for you, KitBrix has a bag to suit your every need, this time, it’s the CityBrix. The world’s first backpack with it’s own built-in gym locker!

Here’s what to pack in your CityBrix …

Your work bits

The CityBrix is perfectly designed for professionals who work hard and train hard. The bag is split into two sections, one for your work gadgets and documents, the other for your training gear. With its waterproof base and water resistant finish, you can be confident in protecting your important items, from your laptop to expensive kit and important papers inside your CityBrix.

Your training bits

The CityBrix is built with the unique KitBrix training gear section, giving you a separate space to keep your training gear, clean or dirty. And don't forget a change of clothes - there’s nothing more awkward than spending the day at work in a flash pair of cycling shoes because you’ve forgotten to pack your smart work shoes! 

Your water bottle

You can protect your gadgets by keeping your water bottle in the eternal pocket provided, safety first! CityBrix are also waterproof, coffee proof and sweat proof. So it’s an all-rounder. 

Your lunch

Most important of all, keep on top of your nutrition and stick your packed lunch in too. Yes, you can fit all of this inside a CityBrix.