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Organized Kit for Triathletes

Each KitBrix triathlon training and race day bag can be zipped to another to form a rucksack, saving time in transition and travel to maximize your preparation. Whether it's race day or you need to separate your sweaty running kit from your fresh clothes for after the race, or ready for the working day, KitBrix has you covered.

Iconic Rugged Waterproof Base, unique zipping system, unmatched quality.

A rugged waterproofbase protects your gear against the elements time and time again meaning you don't have to worry about the rain, rocks or wind, blood, sweat or tears.

The inside of your KitBrix is durable with a double lined tarpaulin. Get it dirty? Just wipe clean after use or hose your KitBrix down.

Each KitBrix has a large, reinforced grab handle and padded shoulder strap for ultimate comfort on or off the trail.


Once your KitBrix arrives, insert your included KitBrix Icons into the end of your KitBrix bag for organisation, differentiating your triathlon bag from your other KitBrix products.

Custom team icons are available at a minimum quantity order. Please email

KitBrix Review

"I simply couldn’t find fault with it...they’re entirely functional and work brilliantly for their purpose.. they look good and are made to an exceptionally high standard. The strong rugged construction of the bag means that it should last for many years."