The Stars and Stripes KitBrix - Imperfect

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*These are perfectly imperfect KitBrix Bags with only aesthetic issues (yellowing or other print issues), but otherwise just as durable and withstanding as our full price range. In a bid to be more eco-responsible, we are offering them at a discounted price so they can go to a good home instead of landfill.*


The design of this limited-edition bag takes its inspiration from the national flag and with its ultimate durability represents individual freedom to roam, independence, hard work and equality of opportunity. The robust, modular, military-inspired kit bag supports you every step of your journey and ensures you stay on the front foot.

Note: This product shows slight yellowing or other print issues, but is still just as durable and long-lasting. We're big believers in helping the environment and re-using products where possible!

Each KitBrix bag can be zipped to another to form a rucksack, saving time in transition and travel.

Each bag ‘stands’ on a robust base, offering complete visibility and control over contents and ready access to kit for training or competition. Storing kit in separate sections, easily marked with our supplied icons, removes the stress from preparation, leaving you, and perhaps your family, in a state of calm organised readiness.

KitBrix provides safe storage in the home, garage or car. Its unmatched build quality keeps expensive kit secure and ready to use at a moment’s notice, saving time and money.

Perfect for hand luggage as one or two units, KitBrix is a great travel companion with lockable zips for the main section of each bag.

Each KitBrix includes: 

  • A Swim, Run & Cycle Icon
  • Detachable shoulder strap

KitBrix Specifications 

Measures: 15.3”(l) x 9.5”(h) x 9.5”(d) / 39cm(l) x 24cm(h) x 24cm(d)

Capacity: 1220 (20L)

Weight: 2.8lbs (1.3kg)




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Customise Your KitBrix

Once your KitBrix arrives, insert your custom Team Icon into the end of your KitBrix bag for ultimate organisation. 

One Sport. One Bag.

Separate bags for separate kit.