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8 Everyday Objects That Can Double as Home Workout Equipment

March 25 2020 – Team KitBrix

8 Everyday Objects That Can Double as Home Workout Equipment
8 Everyday Objects That Can Double as Home Workout Equipment

Working out at home definitely comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. One of the main reasons working out at home is so appealing, is it can be done in your underwear as soon as you’ve rolled out of bed. Once you’ve smashed out a workout in your garden or living room, you can quickly hop in the shower and go about the rest of your day. The disadvantages on the other hand include the lack of motivation and fancy gym equipment. For help with the lack of motivation, you can read our blog post ‘How to Get Motivated to Workout at Home’ here. And as for lack of hi-tech gym equipment? Keep reading...

Here at Kitbrix we have compiled a list of everyday household objects that can double as home workout equipment. So now there can be no excuse as to why you can’t stay fit at home and still keep your routine fresh. 

1. A Kitbrix Bag

Who needs a weighted vest when you have a Kitbrix at home? Simply throw in a few heavy objects such as soup cans or that big bottle or laundry detergent and get to work. Wear your backpack for a jog around the village or add it to your other workouts, such as stair climbs. 

2. Ball

Any ball will do, basketball, football or even a yoga ball. If you want to push yourself even harder when doing push ups, use a ball to gip onto. The unstable surface will challenge your core and balance, as well as increasing muscle strength and tone!

3. Stairs

The StairMaster at the gym is always a killer, but an expensive piece of equipment if you have a perfectly good set of stairs at home. Running up the stairs on the balls of your feet and back down again will give your glutes a good workout, burn calories and get your heart pumping. Who needs the gym now?

4. Water bottles, cans or laundry detergent

…or anything small and heavy! Dumbbells can be expensive and hard to get your hands on when everyone else is trying to workout at home too. However, they are easily replaceable! Anything that you can easily grip onto and provide resistance are possibilities. Get creative!

5. Towel

Towels can be used for all manner of workouts. One of the more unique ways of using towels, is to eliminate the friction between your trainers and the floor and act as a ‘slider’. If you want to try the plank with a twist, put a small dry towel or flannel under your feet. This will allow you to move your legs apart and together again in a controlled manner, whilst working additional muscles. 

6. Kitchen surface

Waiting for your potatoes to boil can be a boring affair. Next time you find yourself pacing around the kitchen, use the countertops as an opportunity to practice a set of push-ups. Feel the burn!

7. Chair 

One way of using a chair to exercise from home are chair dips, the perfect workout for strengthening your tricep muscles. Start by sitting in front of the chair with your legs extended and feet flat on the floor. Place the palm of your hands on the front of the seat behind you, and lift your bottom off the floor. Slowly lower yourself to the ground with your arms bent at a right angle behind you and repeat. Just make sure the chair doesn’t have wheels!

8. Wall

Every house must have at least four walls, so there is every opportunity to workout from home. For an easy addition to your workout routine, try wall sits. Whether you add a 30 second wall sit to your circuit, or simply try it as you are waiting for the microwave timer to ‘ping’, wall sits are an easy way to build muscle strength. Start by standing a foot away, bending your legs and pushing your back flat against the wall. Slowly lower yourself down until your thighs are parallel with the floor… and hold. 

What objects do you use as home gym equipment?