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How to Get Motivated to Workout at Home

March 20 2020 – Team KitBrix

How to Get Motivated to Workout at Home
How to Get Motivated to Workout at Home

With social distancing and quarantining a very real and happening thing, going to the gym is often no longer an option for most of us. This means workouts are either non-existent or taking place in our living room. But without those spin classes, morning circuit training sessions, or that gym membership fee pulling us to the gym, how can we motivate ourselves at home?

Exercise is important now more than ever, even if that race you’ve been working towards is cancelled. Exercise will keep your energy levels high when it seems all there is to do is nap and binge watch Netflix. Exercise also provides a welcomed break to the anxiety and fear of the recent outbreak. Not only this, but keeping up our fitness routine ensures our bodies stay fit and healthy! So where to begin…

home workout

Make a workout schedule at home… and stick to it!

If you aren’t working from home you have all the free time and flexibility to workout. And even if you are working from home, the beauty is your working hours are probably flexible too. If you workout best first thing in the morning? go for it. If you prefer an afternoon sweat? There’s nothing stopping you. Fancy an evening run? why not. Whichever one you prefer, put it in your schedule. Having set times to workout each day will help you stick to a routine and keep it up every day. 

Wear gym clothes

If you are struggling to get motivated for a home workout, there is nothing quite like looking the part. If you are suited and booted, the first hurdle is already done. Even if it is just for a quick workout, changing into your gym kit will provide separation and structure when the day can so easily roll into one. 

Mix it up

Sticking to one workout routine can quickly become tiresome and repetitive. With the world at your fingertips, use this time to research different ways to workout and mix it up. Why not pick up the skipping rope? Try out yoga for the first time? Or attempt Zumba? Youtube has a wealth of fitness instructional videos to help you get started. 

Motivational playlist

Without lots of people working out around you it can be hard to find the motivation to push yourself at home. At the gym there is typically loud music, instructors pushing you to do one more set or other people encouraging you to drive harder. At home you can simulate some of this atmosphere with a great workout playlist. Be it Beyonce or classical...

Find and online community

Technology can be a beautiful thing, and during these tricky times it is more apparent than ever. There are tons of apps out there that provide an online community of other like-minded individuals. This will give you the opportunity to swap tips, communicate your struggles and hold yourself accountable. As well as apps there are Instagram accounts and Facebook groups to join. Find one that fits you. 

Set goals… and rewards!

During this uncertain period, it is unclear how long self-isolation and social distancing will continue on for. This is why it is great to have something you can work towards. Whether it is being able to complete a running personal best or do a one handed push up, setting these goals will give you something to aim for. If you have one big goal, consider breaking this down into lots of smaller goals. And don’t forget, when you reach these goals, reward yourself, it will keep you motivated.

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