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How and Why You Should Keep Training During Isolation

April 17 2020 – Team KitBrix

How and Why You Should Keep Training During Isolation
How and Why You Should Keep Training During Isolation

This current period in time is filled with uncertainty and stress for many of us worldwide.With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, many of us are finding that our everyday lives have shifted drastically. Among these changes are events and businesses that have either been closed or cancelled in a bid to slow the spread of COVID-19. These include triathlon and OCR events, along with vital training locations such as beaches, gyms and swimming pools. 

Whilst all non-essential locations and businesses are finding themselves closed, sporting events have had to make the decision between cancelling an event or postponing. This news has undoubtedly caused disappointment and feelings of frustration by those of us who have come to know and love endurance racing, particularly for those who have been preparing and training for certain events over long periods of time. 

This news can make it all too tempting to throw in the towel and hit the pause button on all training activities. After all, what would be the point in training if not for an event? Here at Kitbrix we believe that continuing on with training, despite the current circumstances is the best thing you can do, and here’s why...

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Why you should keep up your OCR or Triathlon training

1. Physical health

One of the biggest benefits of maintaining your training despite cancellations, is your level of physical fitness. Now more than ever it is important to stay fit, active and healthy. With many of life’s regular activities on pause, now is the perfect opportunity to work on improving your form, endurance or any aspect of your physical fitness that you wish.

2. Mental health

Training for and competing in triathlon events and OCR races can bring such joy and purpose, but I’m sure we don’t need to tell you that! Whilst everything is changing and on-hold, keeping up your training can bring structure, release and a purpose to your day. If you are struggling to find motivation to workout at home, you can read our blog ‘How to Get Motivated to Workout at Home’ for some inspiration. 

3. Be prepared

As soon as the isolation finishes, you will be ready and raring to go!

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How you can still OCR or Triathlon train during isolation

1. Follow government guidelines

When continuing on with your training, always ensure you are abiding by the current government guidelines in your area. These differ between countries and regions, so ensure you are checking the news for the latest update. If you are able to venture outside for exercise such as cycling, running and walking, keep at least a 2 metre distance between you and others and avoid all unnecessary contact with others.

2. Online

This recent outbreak has distanced many of us physically from people we love and from places we love to visit. However, during this time of crisis, the power of the internet has pulled us together in many other ways. You will find endless resources online to help you stay motivated and connected. Why not try a Youtube workout tutorial or join an online spin class? 

3. At home workout 

Without access to high-tech gym or swimming pools, it can be easy to assume that all hopes of maintaining fitness have vanished. However, all you need is a bit of creativity! We have written a blog on ‘8 Everyday Objects That Can Double as Home Workout Equipment’ to help you adapt. Why not set up a circuit in your front room or your garden? Tag us in your at home workouts over on Instagram @Kitbrix!

at home workout